Meet the Band

Robbie Cree - vocals/guitar/keyboard/harmonica/flutes/accordion/


   Robbie's concept of Afro-Latin blues developed during volunteer medical missions in Africa and South and Central America.  A medical doctor, who also holds a master's degree in International Public Health, he has worked in nearly 20 different developing countries.  He has witnessed, first hand, the plight of poor and marginalized people and continues to be fascinated in how music expresses their lives and languages.  As a long-time, passionate fan of Delta blues, Robbie sought to incorporate American blues with the music of other oppressed cultures.  His lyrical compositions are in Spanish, English, Swahili and Sierra Leone Krio.  Robbie has studied classical and jazz piano as well as bossa nova, blues and flamenco guitar.  He also plays harmonica, mandolin, accordion and flute.  Currently, Robbieis  the frontman for the BossaCubana jazz quartet, Flor de Cana, the Psychedelic Latin folk band, de Mala Fama and performs solo.  He currently sits on the board of directors of ReSurge Africa and is the founder and president of Surg+Restore/Africa, both non-profit organizations that send surgical teams and train medical personnel in West Africa. Robbie takes his stage name "Cree" in honor of one of the many Native American tribes which were settled on several reservations near his hometown in North Central Montana.    

Kameron Cregar - guitar/lead guitar


An adventurer at heart, Kameron is an obsessive explorer of multicultural music, and a fusion fanatic. He finds inspiration in the melding of cultures; his Western roots are informed heavily by strands of influence from Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Indian and Brazilian music. Kameron is a native of Flint, MI, and can be heard outside of Ojos Feos under his solo moniker Trapperdorsals.

Jacob Badger- Bass
Born and raised in San Francisco, CA Jacob moved to Portland to study psychology at Reed College.  Jacob is a funk-rock bassist with an eclectic music taste who plays to feel deep grooves.  Ojos Feos is his first serious musical gig since singing for the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys as a child.
Jeff Sullivan - violin
Born in San Fernando, CA, on Feb. 25, 1959.  He grew up in the L.A. area where he studied music as a boy.  He has spent 31 years as a violinist for different projects both in Los Angeles, and Portland, OR.  He has been involved in the music scene in Portland since he relocated here from Los Angeles in 2002.  Projects in Portland include the Shannon Tower Band, Synchronic Wave, and Baktun.

Grace McLean - vocals


Born in San Francisco and raised in San Diego, Grace enjoys singing and listening to all kinds of music.  While in San Diego, Grace was for 3 years was a performed in musical theatre in San Diego.  In 2008 Grace joined the reggae band Fishamon and the MindWorld Steppers for which she sang back up vocals and recorded an album.  Grace left San Diego and moved to Portland in 2009 where she found wonderful people, beautiful surroundings, and an incredible uniqueness that quickly prompted a decision to stay.  Grace enjoys singing, cooking, gardening, and loving her two pit bulls Kai and Lily.  An advocate for these beautiful animals, she speaks out on Pit Bull Awareness and hopes that one day these incredible family pets will lose the stigma of being violent breeds. 

David McLean - percussion


Raised in San Francisco, CA and Heidelberg, Germany and father of Grace McLean, David has the following experience as a musician: NorCal: 1993 - 1995, drummer in the  roots reggae band The Dubalites; SoCal: in 2002, recorded an experimental/jazz/world rhythm double album enttitled Zindu for which he played all drum and percussion parts; 2002 - 2007, joined a West African drum and dance ensemble Anima Mundi on djun djuns; 2003 - 2004, joined roots reggae band Ithanjah as their drummer; 2004 - 2005, helped form jazz/world rhythm band Zindu on drums and percussion with composition credits on the subsequent album 'Shapeshifter'; 2012 - 2016, Joined the Santana tribute band SantanaWays as their conguero; 2014 to present, collaboration on drums/percussion with hip hop artist and son Cole (EqualEye) McLean; 2015 - present, percussionist for Ojos Feos.